Our Vision

To see each ex-drug dependant and ex-offender come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live lives transformed, to serve and glorify God, trained and equipped for every good work.

Our Mission

To heal and restore the broken lives of ex-drug dependants and ex-offenders based on Christian principles and values, so that they live meaningful and fruitful lives and be a blessing to their families, friends, community and nation.

Our Objectives

  1. To assist in the rehabilitation of prisoners and ex-prisoners and their reintegration into the society, based on Christian principles.

  2. In furtherance of the above-mentioned objective, we may do all such things which are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objective, and particularly as follows:
    • To train Christian Volunteer Counsellors so as to attain a holistic approach towards the rehabilitation process.
    • To help ex-prisoners and drug abusers with job placement and skills development in order to help them to become contributing citizens of Singapore.
    • To provide preventive education and/or Biblical counselling in governmental or non-governmental institutions and to the public in general.
    • To work closely (and in tandem) with any related bodies to combat chronic social problems, e.g. the drug abuse problem of the nation and in the region.
    • At the same time, we will not engage in any activities that may undermine the racial, political or religious harmony in Singapore.

"He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son."
Rev 21:7