Our History

Back in the early 1970s, Singapore was besieged with the drug problem. The western "hippie" culture allegedly brought on the prevalence of drugs like cannabis and MX here. The government took on this problem from several fronts. Besides tough legislation and strict law enforcement, efforts were also made to provide rehabilitation, counselling and assistance to the drug abusers. To do so, the government decided to enlist the help of social service and religious bodies to take on this drug problem.

In 1977, in response to this call, a group of dedicated Christian leaders came together and took on this challenge. They included Rev Frank Lomax, Ms Felicity Carter, Rev Richard Carlson, Rev Fred Abeysekera, Elder V. A. George and several others. With much prayer and dedication, the "Christian Counselling Services" (CCS) was inaugurated to rally together Christians from all denominations to render volunteer services for the rehabilitation of drug victims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through the hospitality of the Anglican Dioceses of Singapore, the new group was housed in the 2-storey office block in the compound of the Armenian Church at 60 Hill Street which was then occupied by the Anglican Social Services.

Armenian Church at Hill Street where CCS had its first home

The main tasks of the CCS then were to:

  • rally for Christian volunteers to come forward to join this battle against drugs;
  • organise training courses for the volunteers to equip them with the skills and knowledge about the drug problems;
  • coordinate the issuance of prison passes for volunteers to enter drug rehabilitation centres to provide in-care counselling;
  • coordinate aftercare counselling amongst the former drug addicts who have been released from incarceration and
  • assist SANA in public education by providing speakers to talk about the drug problem at secondary schools, polytechnics, colleges and universities.

Rallying for Christian volunteers to join in the fight against drugs

Volunteers attending a training course conducted by the prison officers

Volunteers visiting the drug rehabilitation centre as part of their training

Conducting Bible study at the drug rehabilitation centre

Group counselling

In-care counselling

In 1987, to help CCS render more effective and efficient services, the Singapore government provided CCS with a place of its own at 10 Seng Poh Road. With its own premises, the CCS was then able to organise more activities for the volunteers and the counselees including in-house training sessions and fellowship meetings.

By the grace of God, our work continues today with both in-care and aftercare services with the aim of rehabilitating the whole person – complementing the good works done by various institutions such as the DRCs, prisons, SANA, NCADA, SCORE, Christian halfway houses and many others.

In the past three decades, we have witnessed how the love and power of Jesus Christ has transformed the lives of former drug abusers to become Christian leaders, successful businessmen, responsible husbands and wives and useful members of the society. We look forward to continuing this work to bring salvation to those who have been led astray.

To God be the glory!

Renovation work being done at the Seng Poh Road premises

Training courses conducted at the Seng Poh Road premises

Sharing of testimonies

Fellowship meetings at CCS